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Controlled Parking

The New Digital Controlled Parking System

The Municipality of Yermasoyia is launching the new Digital Controlled Parking System on Monday, December 5, 2022.

The main objectives of the system are to improve traffic conditions, facilitate drivers, ensure available parking spaces for permanent residents, limit illegal parking, strengthen commercial activity in the city, modernise parking management, as well as promote the measures of Sustainable Urban Mobility.

At the same time, the electronic platform for submitting applications for the issuance of a parking permit for permanent residents is available (it concerns the residents of Agiou Ilarionos, Patron and Megalou Konstantinou streets).

Controlled zones and parking fees

The table below shows the zones, the fees and the operating hours of the Controlled Parking System:

Parking is FREE in the designated disabled parking spaces for vehicles with the special disabled badge.

Purchase of parking time in controlled zones

Drivers can purchase parking time through:

  • The free Novoville mobile app, which is available to download on Google Play and the App Store
  • The physical Parking Sales Points with POS (kiosks, mini markets, etc.) that have the following sign:

The Novoville app simplifies the process of purchasing parking time in controlled zones by offering an electronic wallet (e-wallet) that users can "charge" using a credit/debit card, in order to purchase parking time, quickly and easily, without leaving their vehicle.

In addition, the app offers users a complete view of their parking history, the ability to switch vehicles, useful answers to FAQs, a message center, etc. It notifies users automatically 10 minutes before their purchased parking ticket expires, offering them the ability to extend the ticket remotely.

More specifically, with the Novoville app, drivers:

- Select a parking space category (on or off-street)

- Find their exact location via GPS

- Select the parking duration they want

- "Charge" their e-wallet and buy a parking ticket

- Receive a push notification 10 minutes before their parking time expires

- Can extend their parking time remotely


Permanent residents

The right to apply for and obtain an annual permanent resident parking permit will be granted to those who reside on the streets defined by the decision of the Board as permanent resident parking zones.

Only the residents of Agiou Ilarionos, Patron and Megalou Konstantinou streets will have the right to apply for and obtain a permanent resident parking permit for the Patron off-street parking area.

Permanent resident parking spaces will be outlined in blue colour and will be marked by “P - Residents Only” signs.

Residents who meet the criteria for a permanent resident parking permit will be issued a permit valid for one year from the day it is issued. If the competent service approves the submitted supporting documents and the permit is issued, it should be affixed to the inside of the vehicle’s windscreen and be easily visible. A resident is entitled to a resident parking permit for only one vehicle (car or motorbike) per property/residence.

Citizens who wish to apply for a Permanent Resident Parking Permit are able to submit the application and supporting documents online, here.

On the online application, applicants should fill out their personal details (name, ID number or passport number, address, etc.), their contact details, the details of their vehicle, and attach the following supporting documents:

  1. Municipal Fees Bill (Skyvala)
  2. Electricity or Landline (Phone) Bill


Useful information

  1. Residents who declare the residence for which they wish to obtain a resident parking permit as a secondary residence are not entitled to a permit and therefore cannot be issued one.
  2. In case the applicant is a tenant and the municipal fees bill (Skyvala) is under the name of the owner, he/she must state that he/she is a tenant and fill out the owner’s name and contact details on the application.
  3. Applicants will be notified by email about the status/approval of their permanent resident parking permit.
  4. The permanent resident parking permit will be provided FREE of charge.